• Jack Sharp

    Jack Sharp

    Jack Sharp, President of Sharp Financial Services Inc., has successfully provided sound estate planning and insurance services for over 40 years. He has helped many people cut their taxes by as much as 50%, avoid taxes on Social Security income and estate taxes, reduce taxes on IRAs and annuities, and protect their estate from probate, nursing home, and Medicaid seizure of assets.

    Jack holds several professional designations, and is the past president of N.E.A. Estate Planning Council and the Jonesboro Life Underwriters Association.

    Jack is active in his community and has served as an Elder at Southwest Church of Christ in Jonesboro. He has deep roots in Arkansas and grew up in Sharp County, where his family has lived for over four generations. He and his wife, Ginger, enjoy visits from their two children, Kendall and Jennifer, and four grandchildren.

  • Kevin Pulliam

    Kevin Pulliam

    Kevin joined Sharp Financial in 2012 and has been helping his clients find practical financial solutions since 2009. Kevin understands that traditional investment plans most commonly used today just aren’t working out as promised. Kevin strives to ensure his clients receive the highest possible spendable income, while reducing or eliminating market and tax risk.

    Kevin loves spending time with his wife, Kristi, and their six children. He enjoys coaching his kids’ sports teams and going to the great shows at The Forum. Kevin is active in his community and is a deacon at Southwest Church of Christ in Jonesboro.

  • Jill Mooney

    Jill Mooney

    Jill began working with Sharp Financial Services in 2005. She acquired her Arkansas Insurance License in 2008 to better help and serve clients. Jill enjoys spending time on the lake, playing with her dog and working in her yard. She and her husband have two children.

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Sharp Financial Services specializes in the following services:

  • Retirement Solutions

    Many of the most commonly used retirement solutions have become much less effective and unsafe in today's market place and tax environment. Our team at Sharp Financial takes pride in helping our clients formulate solutions that make certain they never outlive their money, giving them peace of mind so they can enjoy their retirement years and leave something behind for their families.

  • Wealth Accumulation

    Will market volatility and tax risk take a toll on your ability to build and preserve wealth? Our ongoing research, unique product offerings, and proven experience help ensure that our clients' finances are intact when they need them most.

  • Leverage Planning

    Nearly everyone uses financial leverage whether they realize it or not. What many don’t realize is that they are losing hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of dollars over their lifetimes due to poor use of leverage. Our team at Sharp Financial can help you stop the losses and put that money back to work for you.

We use responsible investment strategies to secure your financial future.


Education and Information

  • Seminars – Sharp Financial continues to serve our clients and community through our regular seminars on topics such as Social Security, income maximization, and tax reduction.
  • Books – Knowledge is power. We offer free books by the best-selling authors in the field of retirement income, wealth accumulation, and estate planning.
  • Articles – Stay up to date with current market news and information on strategies that can work for you.
  • Web Links – We share links to valuable information and powerful online tools.



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